Welcome to See-Be Teach Me

Helping teachers thrive while sustaining education for students with complex health conditions.

Welcome to See-Be Teach Me!

Our community is all about empowering teachers like you to thrive - not just survive - at what you do best, in the face of mounting workloads and increasingly complex school environments.


WHO is the See-Be Teach Me community for? 

As teachers and role models, there's no question you positively shape students' lives beyond the classroom, ultimately building confident, creative, curious humans. In addition to inspiring and educating impressionable minds, you play a pivotal role in facilitating students' social growth and well-being, setting them up for a life that turns on strong interpersonal skills and a sense of belonging.  

While you change lives, you are not superhuman, nor are you alone. It's understandable, although completely unacceptable, that your profession experiences high burnout in the face of heavy workloads, competing demands, declining well-being, and increasingly complex school environments, compounded by rising health challenges and chronic absenteeism among students. 

Enter See-Be Teach Me, the first-of-its-kind digital community of practice in Australia. Purposefully designed to address the specific needs of teachers like you, this online community provides a space to bridge the gap in available training related to health condition contexts and offers support in tackling issues related to chronic school absenteeism. 

"When you're lying in a hospital bed, to be able to engage with your peers, to be able to join in with the learning, is what the student wants to be able to do."

~Mercedes Wilkinson, Principal~

What are the benefits?

You can’t be expected to do your job without timely, systemically acceptable solutions that enable all students – including those impacted by complex health challenges – to continuously stay connected to your classroom. 

Did you know? The Disability Standards for Education mandate adjustments and support for students in a health crisis to access continuity of education and social connections. 

See-Be Teach Me is unique in its delivery of on-demand training that overcomes a blind spot in our education systems which currently prevents you from seamlessly addressing the needs of this large, vulnerable group of students without compromising your own wellbeing. 

COVID, of course, taught us all a vital lesson. Children can – and must – stay remotely connected to their schools, teachers, and classmates to overcome negative impacts of school isolation during a health crisis. Still, 1.2 million Australian students risk missing school, for months or years, due to complex health challenges through no fault of their own. 

See-Be Teach Me unlocks your capacity, backed by ongoing support, to apply a flexible “teach once, learn from anywhere” solution that helps you and your students thrive no matter where learning happens. 

"Your compassion has let me complete my education and have the same chance as everyone else and I will never forget this."

~Ethan Waller, Student~

Why should you join? 

See-Be Teach Me professional learning community gives you exclusive access to live chats, collaborative labs, webinars, virtual events, training and workshops, podcasts, national resources, and more to:

  • Sharpen your skills in tailoring support for students with complex needs, adaptable across learning environments.
  • Exchange proven practices and a wealth of resources with peers who share your passion for creative solutions.
  • Strengthen your network and discover new teaching strategies to support your wellbeing in challenging contexts.

What's in it for you?

When you join See-Be Teach Me today, you can: 

Be supported in our Teacher Wellbeing Circle: This weekly live Zoom session offers a supportive space for you and fellow teachers to prioritize your wellbeing. Share personal experiences, celebrate successes, and reflect on growth in a supportive environment. Engage in discussions on various wellbeing topics to learn new strategies and access resources for personal and professional flourishing. 

Attend virtual Spotlight SessionsJoin monthly interactive online gatherings focused on specific topics relevant to the community. These sessions foster diverse, collaborative conversations, incorporating expert input and responsive content based on member requests and current themes. Our moderators facilitate discussions to enhance professional development, peer engagement, and collective wellbeing. 

Access Live & Learn Webcasts: Explore the dynamic relationship between health and education through our weekly webcast. Gain insights from interdisciplinary sector experts through video and audio interviews, with opportunities for online Q&A and suggesting interviewees. Share your own experiences as a guest presenter if interested. 

Find Useful Resources: Explore a curated collection of resources tailored for teaching students with complex health conditions. Discover tools, guides, podcasts, papers, directories, and materials designed to enhance teaching practices and support student wellbeing.  

And Coming Soon....

Access On-Demand Training: Dive into training featuring video modules on what to know about teaching students with medical and mental health conditions, including when they miss school. The training will expand your knowledge at the intersection of health and education, with insights that will make a difference in your classroom. 

Innovate in Idea Co-LabsCollaborate, share insights, and develop innovative strategies for teaching students with complex health conditions through dynamic, multi-perspective innovation challenges. Be a leader in education innovation and part of an initiative that will offer you rapid insights, as you put your perspectives into play. 

Join Now! 

Get ready to supercharge your skills! Sign up and access a wealth of resources and support, including FREE self-paced training coming soon to help you meet complex student needs at the intersection of health and education, all at your own pace. 

Join the See-Be Teach Me community to amplify your impact in the classroom and your transformative power in the world! 

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